The UK still experiences significant fluctuations in demand for electricity, due to factors such unexpected weather, which are not always predictable by providers. 

As a result, Gas Generation Peaking Plants, or STOR Plants, have risen in popularity. These systems are designed to balance the supply of the grid when demand for electricity is high. They burn natural gas in order to generate power as required. They are designed to supply power only occasionally, and they are able to rapidly start up at any time and quickly balance the demands of the grid. Additionally, Peaking Power plants are able to be put on standby which increases cost efficiencies as they are only producing energy when required. 

Why are they needed? 

With the UK’s aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050, there is a greater requirement on balancing the output of renewables. Renewable generation, such as wind and solar, output power intermittently, making solutions such as peaking plants important for balancing the grid. This is alongside other storage systems such as batteries which store electricity when it is plentiful. They give providers more flexibility in using renewable generation, thus not having to rely on fossil fuels. 

How can g2 Energy help?

At g2 Energy, we have experience developing and connecting many Gas Generation plants for our customers. We can assist with your project in a number of ways;

  • Grid Connections up to 132kV
  • Electrical Balance of Plant
  • Electrical design, supply and installation, including switchgear, cable infrastructure, and Earthing systems
  • Civil design and construction works, of the full Balance of Plant installation, including gas connection
  • Operations and Maintenance contracts
  • Containerised Substations, which are designed and built in our warehouse
  • Experienced, ex-DNO employed Design Engineers, Project Managers and SAPs

If you want to discuss all the ways we can support your Gas Peaking project, contact our team today.