g2 Energy can offer the full design and installation services associated EV charging projects. Whether these are single street side EV charger installations or a more complex multi charging point installation for fleet operators (buses, delivery vehicles, taxies etc).

We can also offer a portable EV Charging Skid, complete with battery storage. This is very beneficial where the local distribution network would not support a rapid charger installation. The skid is connected to a standard low voltage mains connection (say 63Amps) and the on-board batteries are charged over a period of time (trickle charged). When fully charged, you can then use the stored power to discharge and use a rapid charging system to quickly charge your EV. The batteries and system can be sized and rated to meet your particular needs.

We can assist with:

  • Early site feasibility works
  • Design and product specification
  • Civil works
  • Electrical connection works
  • All street works, if applicable
  • Full product (EV Charger/battery) installation and commissioning
  • Bespoke designed storage/charger skid