As a Lloyds NERS Accredited Independent Connection Provider (ICP), we are able to carry out Contestable Works on the electricity network up to and including 132kV.

Following the introduction of competition into the electricity market, as a result of the privatisation of the electricity industry, customers now have the option to have elements of their connection work carried out by an ICP. This provides customers with an alternative to the regional Distribution Network Operator.

For electrical connections, there are two categories of works:

Contestable Works:

  • Work which may be undertaken by an accredited Independent Connections Provider (ICP). For example, Electrical Design, Cable Laying & Jointing, Substation Installation and Civils works.

Non Contestable Work:

  • Work which can only be undertaken by the relevant Distribution Network Operator (DNO), typically, work on their existing apparatus.

g2 Energy are accredited to carry out Contestable Works up to 132kV for our customers, which can potentially lead to a significant cost saving when compared to the DNO.

Grid Connections:

An essential part of all electrical power projects is the grid connection. We can provide early advice and undertake a grid assessment to ensure connection costs are minimised at the planning stage, and to ensure that any potential connection issues are highlighted.

Our services include:

  • Initial Grid Application – ENA Applications for grid capacity to the DNO, including full liaison with the DNO throughout the process
  • Feasibility Studies – Initial overview of the project to determine any potential challenges
  • Design of a bespoke connection arrangement that meets the precise requirements of the host DNO
  • Engineering Recommendations, including the design of a detailed G59, or the new G99 protection scheme
  • A full Project Management service on-site – Cable installation and jointing, Transformer & Substation installation, testing and final commissioning and all as-built documentation

g2 Energy are fully accredited by NERS and has the in-house capabilities provide customers with a complete solution for a range of electricity networks, including embedded generation schemes and the design, build and supply of bespoke solutions for high voltage electrical grid projects.

IDNO Adoption

We can also offer a direct alternative to the incumbent DNO, by offering adoption of newly installed distribution assets to our sister company Eclipse Power Networks Ltd (EPN). EPN is an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) and as such can adopt, own and operate electrical distribution assets in the same way as conventional DNOs. EPN is licenced by OFGEM with very similar licence conditions and obligations as the convention regional DNOs are.

An IDNO connection is generally more competitive and quicker than a DNO connection and depending on your predicted load profile and energy usage, there is also a possibility of us offering an Asset Value Contribution to offset some of your initial capex associated with the new connection.

Please contact us for further information.