Have you thought about a Container Substation Solution for your Electrical project?


g2 Energy are able to design, build and install bespoke Container Solutions for both the Contestable Works and the Client’s electrical infrastructure. As a Lloyds accredited ICP, g2 Energy can design to meet each DNO’s standards, plus provide a variety of client solutions.

Containerised Substations are an effective solution for many types of project; one of the main advantages of building the substation within a container is that the substation arrives on site with pre-installed and fully tested switchgear, which is ready for immediate connection, followed by customer witness testing, resulting in a time-saving solution.

g2 Energy build and install containerised substations for electrical infrastructure
ISO Container Substation

g2 Energy have provided various types of Container Substation Solutions for over 100 projects, and across a number of sectors including Solar, Storage, Industrial and Commercial and Battery projects.

All design is undertaken in-house by our Civil, Electrical and Structural Engineers, and therefore we can tailor a solution to meet all situations.

Containers are then assembled in g2 Energy’s own warehouse, which allows us to minimise delivery timescales and provide bespoke solutions in a fast and efficient manner. Our warehouse facility in Milton Keynes can accommodate numerous substations at a time, and has a floor space spanning 14,500 sq. foot.

g2 Energy have experience with all ranges of Switchgear and can select from all available manufacturers. On completion of the ‘Container Substation’ solution, g2 Energy can provide a complete installation service including installation of suitable foundations for the container and cable installation.

A typical Containerised Substation will consist of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Housing, which is attached to galvanised steel flooring. There are then a number of components included within this framework, some of which include:

  • High Voltage Switchgear
  • Transformer
  • LV Circuit Breaker
  • Battery Chargers
  • Protection Panels
  • Auxillary Supply Transformer
  • Consumer Unit
  • Lighting / Sockets / Heating

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