Independent Connection Provider g2 Energy complete works on 33 solar grid connections ahead of March 31st deadline


Since April 2016 g2 Energy have completed ICP Grid Connection works and client side Balance of Plant works on a total of 57 embedded generation projects, including 33 x utility scale ground mounted Solar PV projects and 18 x 500kVA single wind turbines, along with further AD plants and gas connected STOR (peaking) generation projects. This equates to over 300MW of new embedded generation connected to the UK’s electrical distribution network by g2 Energy this year alone; with the accumulative total now exceeding 300 ICP grid connections and 1.65GW of embedded generation since their first renewable energy project in 2011.

Our busiest period was during the first quarter of 2017, when we successfully completed works on 30 individual generation projects, situated throughout the UK. This includes 25 large scale ground mounted solar farms, 4 wind turbine projects and 1 STOR plant. 24 of the solar farms were completed during the last three weeks of March to achieve accreditation prior to the tariff cut-off date of 31st March.

It is the sixth year running that we have achieved a 100% record of completing all contracted embedded generation projects within the desired timescales for clients. We completed various scopes of works on these projects, ranging from the electrical and civil designs, Earthing and system studies through to the entire Contestable Works on site, including providing bespoke DNO approved Containerised Substations.

Our in-house Civil and Electrical Design Engineers ensured each completed project underwent a full detailed design; and our on-site Project Managers have faced all sorts of adverse weather and site specific challenges during the build stages.
Our warehouse facility in Milton Keynes has built out over 40 bespoke Containerised Substations since November; both DNO and Client-side. The use of Containerised Substations results in a more efficient build on site as it gives both commercial and timescale benefits to clients.

Managing Director, Kelvin Ruck, said “I am extremely proud of what my team has achieved in such a short but critical period. Despite a number of very late contract awards, we have again maintained our 100% track record, ensuring that all of our clients have had their developments connected within the desired timescales. Unfortunately we suspect that the number of solar PV and medium scale wind developments will dramatically reduce in the forthcoming year, however we have now positioned ourselves to assist with the new emerging technologies of battery energy storage and gas engine generation plants. These new projects will assist with the UK’s energy shortfall via the Capacity Market and Network Balancing and Frequency Control. We have also recently mobilised on the first two EFR battery storage projects to be developed in the UK, these will provide 25% of the EFR balancing for the National Grid under its first tender awarded in November 2016.”

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