Location: Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales

DNO: WPD – Wales

Voltage: 66kV

Works Awarded: Contestable, Client-side and Civil Works

Completion: March 2016

Scope of Works:

Usk was one of g2 Energy’s larger projects, a 66kV connection in South Wales which included almost a third of the 66kV 3,100m cable route within the Highway. The highway works were completed via a directional drill to minimise disruption to the local residents.

As well as the Cabling works, g2 Energy were responsible for the Civil Works including; the design, supply and installation of a WPD Control building, 66/11kV Compound bases, Transformer Bunding, all internal compound lighting and roads and all troughs, ducting and drainage.

g2 Energy also carried out the Contestable Works for the project, which included the design, supply and installation of Multicore cable from WPD’s outdoor equipment to the protection panel in substation. g2 Energy also supplied and installed a WPD approved 66kV EHV substation, including metering circuit breaker, disconnectors, CVTs and structures; Busbars, clamps and connectors; Protection Panel and a suitable battery and charger.

The electrical client-side works included the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of; 66kV manually operated disconnector plus an integrated earth switch; the associated 66kV busbars and clamps to connect from WPD metering circuit breaker to customer installation; the 11kV switchboard; the G59 relay to the solar park; 30V battery and charger system for client side switchboard; above and below ground Earthing arrangements; and all P28, P29, G5/4 System Studies.

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