g2 Energy Networks seek to serve customers and markets in the provision of safe and reliable electricity distribution assets, such as cables and electrical substations at EHV, HV and LV networks providing power to domestic, industrial and commercial customers.

g2 Energy Networks Limited has two 100% owned sub companies through whom services are delivered depending on whether the network is licensed or unlicensed:

g2 Energy IDNO Ltd – Company Reg No. 09633542

  • Electricity Distribution License Holder
  • Licensed Network Asset owner and operator
  • 100% owned subsidiary of g2 Energy Networks Ltd

g2 Energy Private Networks – Company Reg No. 09633506

  • License Exempt Network Asset owner and operator (Privately owned Networks)
  • 100% owned subsidiary of g2 Energy Networks Ltd

Our Safety and Security of Supplies Enquiry Service Policy Statement is available on request. Please email info@g2energy.co.uk.

For more information about g2 Energy please contact us by filling in our enquiry form or by calling us on 01234 482482.

  • Who would benefit from using an IDNO?...

    Developers of Industrial, Commercial & Residential projects with an electrical load requirement.

    Embedded Generation Developers looking for an alternative connection solution.

  • What are the benefits of using an IDNO?...

    We can provide our Customers with an end to end service, ensuring that there are no gaps in the provision of a connection. We have found that a large number of our clients have experienced difficulties when liaising with the DNO; by using g2 Energy Networks, we will do this for you and take full responsibility for the High Voltage Private Network once the project has finished.

    Other benefits for using an IDNO include:

    • Forward thinking, ‘can do’ approach to resolving network solutions in exceptional timescales
    • Focused on excellent customer service
    • Consideration to innovative and flexible network design solutions
    • Capable of adopting, owning and operating both private (unlicensed) and licensed distribution networks.
    • Able to work across all geographical areas of the UK
    • Providing competitive asset value capital contributions in consideration of the adopted assets.
    • License obligated to work to minimum standards of performance set by Ofgem.
    • Working to the highest ethical, environmental and safety standards.
    • As a standalone business, we will consider working with all NERS accredited ICP’s.

  • Why use a DNO, when you can use an IDNO?...

    g2 Energy Networks provide our clients with a fully managed connection service which means:

    As an IDNO, g2 Energy Networks are regulated by OFGEM which means they will be approved to meet the equivalent level of obligations as the DNO’s.

    IDNO networks are designed and built in-house at g2 Energy to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety are met.

    • Less Risk in Deployment
    • Faster Deployment
    • Lass Hassle
    • Lower Costs